Event Staff
Superior tech support is our specialty. Our highly trained on site AS-Techs© are at your service, ready to lend a helping hand on the off chance that any issues arise. Did we mention that we bring all our own equipment? Be it hardware or software, our techs have you covered.  
Touch Screens
Our proprietary, touch-screen-enabled, cross-platform auction application runs on iPads, stationary touch screens, and our famous Big Board©, which streams real-time data from your auction.
Text Bidding
Bid from any cell phone, anytime from anywhere. So whether at the event or on vacation, participants can enter their bids, receive instant notifications if they are the high bidder or have just been outbid.
Bar Code Bidding
If high tech bidding isn't for your group our patented bar code package will be. It's similar to traditional paper auctions, but guests place unique bar-coded stickers next to their bids instead of writing their names. This means we close even the largest auctions in less than 20 minutes.
Online Event Registration
Simply print the link to your Auction Source event site on your invitations, send it in an email or post it on your home page. Reservations and sponsorships completed on line will generate a receipt that is sent to you and your guest.
Fully Automated Events
We know how hard you work to prepare your event, so we make sure you get to enjoy it by providing a fully automated auction. Our time tested procedures are guaranteed to produce the most efficient and accurate event possible.

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