Modern fundraising for
forward thinking charities.

Real People

An event’s success relies on the expertise of the people managing it. That’s why we provide local, highly trained experts to partner with you.

Painless Reservations

Managing reservations is frustrating. So we work tirelessly with our clients to test new ways to make ticket sales, underwriting, and table management as simple and efficient as possible.

Profitable Auctions

The profitability of your event is our highest goal. That’s why we obsess over new technologies that will help you raise more than the year before.

Meet your new best friend.

When event season hits, your work load can triple. Our local Event Advisors will help you manage it by leveraging years of experience running hundreds of fundraising events.

And because we’re local residents, you’ll know that we care about the success of your event. Living in the community means that we must perform at a high level. Our reputation is everything.

Expedite check-in.

No one likes waiting in line. We've streamlined the process with FastPass Check-in! Guests have the option to input their personal information and credit cards prior to your event.

For the guests that don’t register in advance, we have a streamlined check in system that our local, highly trained Auction Techs will help you run. Typically, we can get guests on their way in 30 seconds or less.

Keep your guests engaged.

If your guests can’t bid while they dine, you’re leaving money on the table. Our clients typically see 40% of silent auction bids occur during dinner. In dollar terms, that translates to a 20% boost in revenue.

We’ll also notify your guests when they’re outbid and encourage them to counter bid, further increasing your silent auction revenue. And if you need to reach out to all your guests or a particular one, you can use our messaging system to send custom text messages directly to their phones.

Manage your event in real time.

With our fully responsive fundraising platform, changes you make on one device are reflected everywhere. Auction Source runs in real-time, so everything is kept in sync, no page reloads necessary.

Close your auction instantly.

When your event ends and your guests are ready to go home, you can use Auction Source’s Instant Close to let your guests pay on their phones and receive their receipts by email.

And for your more ‘forgetful’ guests, you can use auto-checkout to process any outstanding charges at the end of the night. In addition, our auction techs will help you set up and run a traditional checkout area for any guests that want to pay with cash or check or just need help checking out.

Receive your funding fast.

Your guest’s credit cards are charged immediately when they click ‘pay’, and their contributions are automatically transferred to your bank account in five days or less.

In addition, if there’s any discrepancy about a particular charge, you’ll have itemized records of what the guest purchased. If a refund is necessary, it’s just a click away.

Start Building a better event today.